Pivot Point Capital
Pivot Point Capital, LLC is a Northwest-based private equity firm. We seek controlling positions in companies that are underperforming relative to their potential or where a retirement requires the company to have new ownership and management. Our investment strategy is to focus on situations where our returns will be realized primarily from operating enhancements rather than from heavy leverage or other financial manipulations. Founded in 1992, Pivot Point Capital seeks investment opportunities where the combination of new capital and new management resources can create value by capitalizing on a company's strengths and addressing any structural, financial or operating weaknesses.

The principals of Pivot Point Capital have more than 25 years of operating experience, much of it in situations requiring significant operating improvement. We seek investment opportunities in companies that: (i) need new ownership and management as a result of a retirement or other external structural concern; or that (ii) are underperforming, distressed or in or near bankruptcy. We are able to bring new money and new management to revitalize and grow our portfolio companies. Importantly, we have a long term investment horizon so that we can address the operating fundamentals properly, not just dress a company up for a “quick flip.”

Simply put, our strategy is Value Enhancement Investing.

Our Strategy

• Fresh Capital
• Expert Management
• Build long-term Value

Solutions For

• Shareholders
• Financial Institutions
• Business Advisors

Our Team
• Jim Noonan
• Sue Troxel
• Doug Piper